april 29, 2019



Ze zijn er weer! De lente én onze favoriete fotografe Hannah Lipowsky! Ze ging een samenwerking aan met de creatieve styliste Julie Cordewener. Het werd een funky fresh lente fotoshoot met pop-out kleuren & zoete kindjes.

Fotografie: Hannah Lipowsky

Styling: Julie Cordewener

Met dank aan: Onze lieve modellen: Lena, Thom & Sofia

Special thanks: Outfits by Orange Mayonnaise 


H&M – Plain white T


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april 16, 2019


Spanish brand Nadadelazos collections are different, colourful, and incredibly comfortable for children to wear and just feel free.  They are unique for their special hand-drawn illustrations and bright colours.  If you are trying to wrap your tongue around the name then try “Nada de Lazos” which means no laces or no ties – extra comfortable clothing that’s all about getting the kids dressed quickly so that they can get on with playing.  Clothes for real kids!
All Nadadelazos collections are ethically produced and have the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified label.
The SS19 collection is inspired by a retro trip to Torremolinos, in Spain.
Shop the collection at Orange Mayonnaise here
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april 15, 2019



When we’re choosing clothing for our kids, we tend to pick the softest materials, the cutest prints and most comfortable designs, and we should! Our sons and daughters deserve only the best. But there are other things you should be looking for in your kids clothing.
Did you know that some dyeing processes add chemicals to the textiles that can be absorbed into your body through your skin? A study conducted by Greenpeace states that over 20 brands had hazardous chemicals in their finished products for adults and kids – who are more vulnerable to the effects of these chemicals.
So why should you prefer dressing your kids in organic cotton clothing?
Organic cotton clothing is better for sensitive skin such as children’s as well as for those ,with allergies. Organic cotton farmers use only organic-approved fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides from plants, animals and minerals to prevent pests and diseases. This reduces the risk for your health while also protecting farmworkers and reducing environmental pollution.
But the origin of the cotton is not all that matters. For example, at Barn of Monkeys they take great pride in being GOTS certified (Global Organic Textil Standard), the leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.
This means that from the moment that the cotton is picked up, they guarantee that the production of the fiber, processing and manufacturing of the clothes is done so within the GOTS standards!

And do you know what that leaves you with? A piece of clothing that is even softer than the common cotton clothing yet more durable which means that your clothes will look better for longer!


Find the collection of BARN OF MONKEYS, here at Orange Mayonnaise

april 02, 2019


He’ll be doubly excited to hit the beach or the pool with of the following colourful boy’s swim shorts. From bright colours to striking prints, these boy’s swim shorts cover all of his sunshine getaway clothing needs. Super versatile and comfortable, he’ll be set for warm weather attire from the pool to the playground in our boys swim shorts.
Swimshort by Mini Rodini. In soft brown with green CROCCO all over print. Available here.
Swimshort by Mini Rodini. In soft blue with BANANA print. Available here.
Swimshort by Mini Rodini. In off-white with SEAMONSTER all over print. Available here

Swimshorts by Gardner and the Gang. In red lycra with all over BIRD print. Available here
Swim shorts by Beau LOVes. In white with GAME PLAN all overv print. Available here
Sporty swim shorts by The Animals Observatory. In yellow with SHIPS all over print. Available here

Swim shorts by Wolf & Rita. In off-white with ALPHABET SOUP all over print. Available here
Bermuda shape swimshorts by Stella McCartney Kids. In white with black and yellow all over BANANA print. Available here
Surf shorts by Munster Kids. In deep pink, feaurint an all over OvX print in black and yellow. Available here
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