november 06, 2013

Super Soft Beast

New subspecies of this magnificent felines had been discovered in the grassy plains of Antwerp. Unlike its ferocious cousins, Lion of Leisure is extremely mellow, super- friendly, somewhat goofy and possesses an excellent sense of humor. Lion of leisure’s fur is silky soft and boasts unusual for lions but very pleasant for their human fans heather gray, light cobalt, soft mint and light coral colors. Unique black pattern in shapes of various subjects of animal kingdom is another striking feature of these glorious creatures.
As daring and fearless explorers we did not hesitate to make a close contact with this king of the beasts, whose loving owners and creators, Matthew Grove (UK) & Saskia Solberg (NL) shared the story of Lion of Leisure with us.
Small, independent kids clothing brand based in Antwerp, Belgium was founded by two veterans of kids’ clothing design business with more than 40 years of combined experience working for Nike, Mexx, Moodstreet, Imps & Elfs, and Tumble’ n Dry.
The brand’s unmistakable identity is in its whimsical graphics and humorous touch that endlessly delights little fauna lovers. Friendly T-Rex with excellent manners greets its future snacks with polite “Hello, pleased to eat you!” Cheeky fox warns: “You snooze, you lose”. The silky softness of Lion of Leisure’s tees earned raving reviews of the finicky little tester: “I can’t take this tee off! It’s so soft; it feels like I am walking around naked!”
Each apparel product produced by Lion of Leisure is carefully and lovingly printed by hand and constructed from 100% Organic cotton, as certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). All graphics featured on the brand’s garments are printed with biodegradable water based inks, harmless to us and to the environment. Each t-shirt is packaged in a luxurious, 100% pure cotton bag, a work of art in itself.
The Lion of Leisure is above the seasons, adding new, original designs to brand’s selection throughout the year.  Retailers can order the Lion’s range and replenish their stock at any time and expect delivery within 2-3 weeks. Though collection is small right now new graphics and styles are in the works and will be available soon.
Lion of Leisure also offers unique stuffed toys that can double as small decorative pillows and printed tote bags. The line is currently available at Orange Mayonnaise and hopefully will soon make an appearance in the US stores.


For the original post, see the post at the BoysBeCool blog.

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