november 01, 2015


Emilie in BangBangCopenhagen

Written by Les Enfants a Paris

I think you can say that children playing on the street (in most parts of Paris) isn’t possible, it’s not just the safety element, there are things like the noise it creates, but the upshot is lots of parents feel timid about letting their children play outdoors.
As you might know, Emily and I love to encourage children to get outside to have active fun and yes sometimes it’s just hard finding the right locations for our ‘playdates’ so that’s why we went back to Odeon! Yes, the prevalence of cars, the distrust of strangers, the intolerance of normal childish behavior are all taken into account, we try our best!
We believe that traditional street play is good and fun for children because it allows them to figure out how to use their environment in creative ways on their own, or maybe with the help of adults who are doing their own socializing on the street. And let’s not forget about the fresh air although in Paris that’s not always the case…
Get inspired by today’s playdate with photographer Emily Kornya
See anything you like?
Alexander in Bobo Choses and Koel4kids
Alexander is wearing a T-shirt with long sleeves with horse print by Bobo Choses and denim dungarees both via the webshop Orange Mayonnaise. His shoes are by the Dutch brand Koel4Kids.
Luka is wearing a coat by the Spanish brand Bobble and Adrian is wearing his jacket by Petit Bateau.
Les enfants a Paris
Athénaïs is wearing a cardigan by the Italian brand Elsy. Livia is wearing a romper dress by Tocoto Vintage.
Chatting away
Alexander is sat talking to Ilona who is wearing a T-shirt, Cardigan and Short by Elsy.
Livia in her body dress by Tocoto Vintage combined with leggings by En*fant.
Les enfants a Paris
Emilie is wearing a T-shirt by Bangbang Copenhagen combined with a dotted skirt by Elsy.
Les enfants a Paris
Shyrelle is wearing a dress by the Icelandic brand Iglo & Indi and is trying to close her new bag by Maringe.
Adrian, Luka and Emilie
Adrian is dressed in Petit Bateau, Luka in Boboli and Emilie in Bangbang Copenhagen and Elsy.
Calixte is wearing a T-shirt by Little10Days combined with a cardigan by Iglo & Indi.
Côme is wearing a T-shirt by Iglo & Indi.
Louis is wearing a blazer by Yporqué and a T-shirt by Babe & Tess and his boots are by Pisamonas.
Athénaïs is wearing her new wintercoat by Elsy, a skirt by Elsy as well and her shoes are by Pisamonas.
Livia is wearing a hat by Eden & Zoe, a body by Tocoto Vintage and leggings by En*fant.
Alexander and Ilona
Happy Kids
Luka’s shirt is by Boboli as well. 
Elssa in a dress by Babe & Tess.
All photo’s taken by Emily Kornya for Les enfants a Paris. To see more of Emily’s work, please visit her website here.
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