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Soft Gallery

Written by Les Enfants a Paris

Soft Gallery’s SS16 collection, The Magic Parade, is all about the NEW and the AUTHENTIC – new product lines and an exquisite mix of audacious collaborations with Danish and international artists revealing the brand’s know-how and its magic universe.
The SS16 collection meets the ultimate ambition and dream of the brand – to put fashion and art together in an inspiring clothing gallery – “it is a magical summer parade where intriguing characters march to the beat of their own drums on a warm promenade. Dressed in uniforms, performing their acts. Singing, dancing, skating, playing tennis. Celebrating summer. Celebrating magic” says Barabara. 
Divided in three themes, The Magic Parade features the Circus Parade with prints, embroideries and splashes of paint, the Beach and Surf Parade, with swimwear and T-shirts for cool summer dudes and crisp chinos and shirts for a more preppy look, and finally, the Animal Parade, a sanctuary to a multitude of different animals and birds: flamingos, bubblegum horses, glittering butterflies, a clownish cheetah, an adorned giraffe, a sunny wolf and a winning bear.
7 artists, 7 denim jackets is a new limited collection among the SS16 highlights – a project where 7 artists are commissioned to create 7 unique denim canvases. “Paint, stitches, embroideries. All handmade from the heart – exclusive, distinct and beautiful”.
The Soft Gallery SS16 collection is available at our favourite webshop Orange Mayonnaise 
We have selected some of our favourite items. See anything you like? Feel free to leave a comment!
Soft Gallery ss16
soft gallery ss16
soft gallery
soft gallery summer 2016
soft gallery swim
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