september 16, 2016


We wrote before about The future is ours here and here, which basically means we really like this self-willed brand.Their new collection is in store now and another one we really like. This season it’s all about Japan. Think sushi, ninjas, kill bill the movie and beautiful graphic designs. A lot of blue (indigo!), red and grey variations. It’s pretty clear that inspiration for all their collections if down by being outdoors, like hiking, skiing, biking and surfing. This is a brand for the cool kids. Kids that love to be outdoors, love to move and aren’t afraid to be a little different, less mainstream.

Although The future is ours  focuses on boys I think it also suits some cool girls pretty good as well! The shirts are made of soft cotton and the sweaters have a nice fitting. And when the weather starts to change there are some rat jackets. Hard to believe after all the sun we’ve had and will have this week though, but the down jackets are the best.

The ‘monster’ sweater I find really funny and the details on the sweater with the little fishes is also beautiful. It’s all-in the details, a different colour breast pocket which makes it less ‘standard’, that’s what we like so much.
The new collection is in stores now, but you can also shop the t-shirts, sweaters and longsleeves online at Orange Mayonnaise.


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