oktober 23, 2015


Les enfants a Paris

Written by Les Enfants a Paris

For many parents, museums often aren’t the first places that come to mind as child-friendly destinations. After all, there’s no touching, no running, and no snacking allowed in the galleries. On the other hand, there are limitless opportunities to let your imagination run wild, and incredible worlds of colour and shape to explore.
When we go to art galleries, we encourage the children to find paintings that they like and tell me about them. We do little “art hunts” for example by looking for animals in painting or looking for shapes and colours. We ask the children general questions such as “what can you see?”, “how does it make you feel?”, “what title would you give this work, and why?” etc. Of course, often, they just wizz by the art and don’t want to look, but you only need one painting to grab their attention for the visit to have been worth while! And usually we DO find something and then we talk about it extensively.
Two weeks ago when shooting with Emily Kornya for a playdate post in Village Saint Paul, we were kindly invited into Olivia Cletienne‘s art gallery. Mahaut, Ombline and Adrian decided to go first and Emily had the pleasure of joining them. Of course she took her camera in as well.
Get inspired.
Visiting an art gallery
Elisabeth and Anastasia both dressed in Marie Chantal and their headpieces are by Amour Bows.
Mahaut is wearing a Bobo Choses T-shirt via the webshop Orange Mayonnaise and blue dotted skirt by Elsy.
Ombline in Tootsa MacGinty
Ombline is wearing a knit jumper with deer print by the unisex brand Tootsa MacGinty combined with gold shorts by Elsy and headpiece by Amour Bows.
Ombline et Adrian
Adrian is wearing a liberty print shirt by Joepia Paris and jeans by I dig denim jeans.
Les enfants a Paris
Manon is dressed in a jumper by Marie Chantal combined with silver shorts.
Discussing the art work.
Another Playdate in Village Saint Paul
Les enfants a Paris captured by the talented childrens fashion photographer Emily Kornya.
[Village Saint-Paul, 23-25, rue Saint-Paul, 75004 Paris]
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