juli 24, 2015



Written by Les Enfants a Paris
No matter where you are going on holiday this summer, one thing is certain; you will need to pack! Some parents plan what they are taking weeks in advance; others are more harried, tossing a few things in a bag last minute.
What kind of packer are you?! 
Hope you like our selection! Happy holidays! 

1. Sunglasses by Rainbow & Snow
2. T-shirt beach wagon by Finger in the Nose 
3. Bikini by Troiz Enfants
4. Jumper by Stella McCartney Kids
5. Salopette by Gray Label
6. Denim overall by Stella McCartney Kids
7. Swimfin 
8. Bathingsuit with Dolphin print by Mini Rodini
9. Gone Fishing T-shirt by Mini Rodini
10. Sandals by SaltWater Sandals
11. Raccoon leggings by Koolabah
12. Meow T-shirt by Lilesadi
13. Shorts by Blune Paris
14. Suitcase by Weelie bag
15. Swimshorts  by finger in The Nose
16. Trainers by Feiyuh
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