juli 08, 2015


gray label

Written by Les Enfants a Paris

Gray Label are based in Amsterdam and design contemporary and timeless basics using beautiful organic fabrics. “Organic apparel for the little minimalist”, as they put it. 
A stunning collection for babies and children aged from zero to eight years old made of some of the softest fabrics around. We absolutely love their simple, sharp lines and sophisticated palette.
For the AW15 collection they have explored a selection of colours and designs, which have maritime connections. They have chosen for stripes, nearly black and sea green. For collar dresses, striped sweaters, oversized jackets and double breasted babysuits. Everything for little mermaids, snorks and sailors, even for captains or the real Neptune. For all whom are under and above the water, on the land or in the sky. For all of them who are tied to the sea. Ahoy!
The Gray Label Aw15 collection can be found on www.orangemayonnaise.com
[produced in Europe [Portugal].
gray label Aw15
gray label
gray label Aw15
gray label AW15
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