juni 21, 2016



Summer wishing
My husband recently asked me if there ever was a reason not to shop for my little ones (when I tried to convince him that Little Miss C really needed that ultra-cute dress we just saw, and when I tried to make him forget about the other 10 dresses already hanging in her closet….). Sorry darling husband of mine, but let’s be honest, there is never not a reason to shop for our little ones! With summer finally approaching (let’s hope so!), I’ve been on the hunt for a few last minute additions to round out Little Miss C’s and Mister A’s wardrobes, let’s jump straight in, shall we?
Coolness aplenty for A, this Six Hugs and Rock ’n Roll “Legends” number injects a serious dose of rock and roll; and the Petit Bateau x Keith Haring t-shirt gives his wardrobe an arty vibe. Add in a few pairs of streetsyle shorts, such as this antsy H&M one and this Stella McCartney Bix Surfer Tattoo army green pair. A pair of summer-y flip flops and this beach boy is ready! Little Miss C can eat for two, so this Emile et Ida Hamburger dress is a perfect match for her! Sweet and fun are her middlenames, and this Stella McCartney Splat Dress, Sproet & Sprout Bali t-shirt and girly Beau Loves Tulip skirt have her name written all over it. Fun little fact, Mr B and I went to Bali on our honeymoon…Equally sweet is this Gardner and The Gang Cupid Heart t-shirt. Sometimes you just have to go crazy, and this Sproet & Sprout Bananas top will help her do just that this summer! A cool pair of Ray Ban shades for both the little mister and the little miss, and they are set!
Both of my mini me’s are crazy about anything and everything with water, especially if it resembles a pool, so these Puddle Jumpers are a must have for them these coming months! Summer, my kids are ready. Now you!
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