november 28, 2016



My maternity leave started and we’re slowly counting down to the arrival of our second baby boy. 36 weeks pregnant and the urge to nest has officially started, since week 33 by the way. Buying new clothes, cleaning, getting the nursery ready. And with that, the cradle too…
We kept Flints old bed, but Flint slept in a hanging cradle for the first few weeks after he was born. We borrowed that cradle from a friend, but that’s gone back to her ofcourse – almost 5 years later – so I went looking for a new cradle. GUUM Barcelona approached me to use their cradle for the first couple of weeks. And so I did ;) because isn’t this cradle too cute?!

Tight design, perfect height for next to your own bed and it doesn’t take up too much space. And because of the wheels it’s easy to move it throughout the house. We will most likely move it to the living room regularly, as a replacement for the box the first few weeks.
I can’t wait to put my little man in it! For now some pictures of the MiniGUUM in our house right now. Get inspired!

The GUUM Barcelona cradle is complete with mattress and it costs € 335. This MiniGUUM and accessories (like fitted sheets and bedbumpers) are available in the Netherlands, and now also through the online shop Orange Mayonnaise.


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