november 15, 2016



The Animals Observatory has just launched a new capsule collection inspired by the Finch School of Art. So what is this school all about? Designer Laia Aguilar pays hommage to this all girl’s art college in New York that was founded in 1900. Mrs. Cosgrave, the director & founder of Finch College said, “My chief object is to awaken Social Consciousness in the girls. I want my graduates to become powers in their communities, not idle fashionable women. I don’t teach these young girls actual Socialism, but Social Activism.” According to the Finch and it’s Future brochure, this college seems to have been quite a revolutionary “community in which each person is a creative participant as a learner, a worker, and a citizen.”

Although the school closed in 1976, the spirit carries on with this beautiful collection for boys and girls. Cherry red, bright blue and off-white retro arty prints make for timeless kids fashion in this new capsule collection by The Animals Observatory (a.k.a. TAO).

Some of our favorite pieces in the collection…


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