mei 22, 2020



Let's put a smile on Earth's face!

At Bobo Choses they have always been responsible for 
their social and environmental footprint.

They strive to create products that are friendly to the environment and constantly work to improve the sustainability of their production processes.

We are really happy to share this commitment with you :)

Help us put a bigger smile on Earth's face 
and wear Bobo Choses !

Here are some facts, which improve year after year:

Fibres for life, fibres for fun!
Bobo Choses likes to replace conventional materials 
with more sustainable ones that have a lower impact 
on both nature and human health, like organic cotton or lyocell.

People Matters
Bobo Choses loves to support their local manufacturers 
and to learn from their know-how.

Bobo Choses collaborates with The Red Cross and 
several other social organizations to help families
and children in need.

Healthy garments
All of the Bobo Choses garments are analyzed by one of Europe’s 
leading research centres called AITEX.

Re-use, re-cycle, re-duce
In five years Bobo Choses has managed to reduce their carbon 
footprint by 7.4% and their water consumption by 30%.


Do you need more reasons to support and wear Bobo Choses !?