oktober 31, 2019


by Bobo Choses

The magical universe of Bobo Choses is born out of original stories and poems. 
Eventually, the characters come to life in the form of prints, shapes, and products. 
With each collection, they also publish a book with the story that inspired it.

Enjoy the We Cosmos animated Book by Bobo Choses !

The book looks at the story of Benny Benson, the 13-year-old Chignik boy who entered a contest for designing the flag for the Territory of Alaska in 1927. He looked to the sky for inspiration, choosing the familiar constellation he looked for every night before going to sleep at the orphanage. Benny’s design was chosen over 700 other submissions to represent the future of the Alaska Territory to the present days.

Like Benny did once, Bobo Choses also looked up to the sky 
to discover that there’s a flag that links to all of us, 
the Universe.

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oktober 08, 2019


nr. 14-October 2019, Styling by Colorenco

Being small is nice, as you may chill all day in these comfy outfits. 
At home or with your buddies at the daycare.


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oktober 04, 2019


Written by Les Enfants a Paris
As parents, we must remember that our children see the public images around them and compare themselves to a beauty ideal that rarely ever matches up with who they see in the mirror. Since the media is only beginning to realise our need for positive visual representations of all bodies, we have a long way to go in terms of helping our children love themselves completely.
But with people like Jessica Vereecken, I’m beginning to feel so much hope for our future.
Real beauty has no shape, weight, or colour — this is gradually becoming the motto of the modern fashion world. On the catwalk and in fashion magazines, we can see more and more people with unusual appearances who are pushing the limits and trying to change our perception of beautiful models.
For this shoot Jessica combined Kids Fashion from Belgium with 5 models with a tiny imperfection. Roseline, a girl with a leg protheses. Kaat, a girl with chromosomal abnormality. Emiel, a boy with achondroplasia. Gus a boy with cerebral palsy and her own son Cas, een handsome, white-haired , yellow looking eyed elf with a hearing-aid and a cochlear implant. 
Get inspired.
Concept & Creative Director: Vereecken Jessica
Photography: Bahhodh Ahmed Photo Edit: Cornelis Gert (Allt)
Clothing by: Caroline BosmansBo(y)smans (both available at Orange Mayonnaise), Max & Lola, Tarantela and molo.
For the original post, see Les Enfants a Paris blog

oktober 01, 2019


De veiligheid van je kind staat bij ons hoog in het vaandel. Helaas is gebleken uit recente tests, uitgevoerd volgens de laatste Europese norm, dat de witte ronde clip van onze speenkoorden kunnen breken waardoor er kleine onderdelen los kunnen komen. Het in de mond nemen en inslikken van deze kleine delen kan bij kleine kinderen verstikking tot gevolg hebben.

Deze clips zijn verkocht vanaf maart 2017 tot heden. Je kunt onze speenkoorden herkennen aan de ronde witte clip en het zogeheten ‘strikje’ (Bow collectie). Het betreft alle kleuren van deze speenkoorden.

Ben je in het bezit van een van de hierboven afgebeelde speenkoorden stop dan onmiddellijk met het gebruik ervan. Je kunt dit speenkoord retourneren bij Slaep zelf middels onderstaand e-mailadres of neem contact op met de winkel van aanschaf. Uiteraard wordt er een passende compensatie gegeven.

Onze excuses voor het ongemak.

E-mailadres: recallpacs@gmail.com

Lieve groet,
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