juni 29, 2013

Bathing Suits & Trunks

Paul & Paula

Let's swim {the best swim suits}


Last week we had a bit of a heat wave here and I was thinking about the pool... here are some of my favourite pieces to wear at the beach, city pool, garden splash or whenever you feel like summer!

1. Yellow panties - Littl by Lilit  / 2. Bright green - Emile et Ida / 3. Liberty - Petit product / 4. Zebra suit - PopUpShop / 5. Ocean trunks - Kidscase / 6. Reversible Halter neck - Little Creative Factory / 7. Patchwork for babies - Trommpo / 8. Frills - Mini Rodini


1. Polka dots - J.Crew / 2. Flower suit - Stella McCartney / 3. just simple - BonTon / 4. embroidered frills - BonTon / 5. cherry bottoms - BonPoint / 6. Tiger trunks - Mini Rodini / 7. red and knotted - Emile et Ida / 8. striped - Finger in the Nose

Yes, that's right... I am not a fan of bikinis for little girls!


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juni 28, 2013

Read more about Kidproof blog


raising boys
Six years ago the Kidproof blog’s Helsinki based founder Esther discovered the world of children’s clothing and since then as developed a passion for this emerging area of innovative and exciting design. Like many of our readers she devoured magazines and blogs and made it her mission to seek our specialist stores when she was travelling. Designed to inspire, Kidproof is a manifestation of Esther’s love of little people’s fashion and the blog is “made for you and a little for us too”. Together with her blog partner, Berlin-based Saara, the pair takes and edits their own photographs. These portraits give us a touching insight into their family life and in particular the brotherly dynamic between their young sons.

There is always bound to be a bit of friction between young siblings but Esther is quick to debunk the “noise with dirt on it” stereotype which is often applied to little boys. “My experience with raising my two little boys is that they’re amazing, sensitive and caring little guys”. Saara has also witnessed this softer side in her own children and has never had to worry about jealous older siblings. Since the beginning my older son was very protective towards his little brother and told everyone stories about ‘our baby’. My older son didn’t even want to join the kindergarten for couple of weeks when the baby was born. He preferred to stay at home with me and the new-born”.
Raising boys and brotherhood
Saara tells of a car trip home with a travel-worn five month old baby who was crying inconsolably. “When I turned around to calm him down I saw that my elder son was already holding his baby brother’s tiny hand in his own and my heart melted when I heard him saying…Baby, there is nothing to be worried about, I love you”.
We asked the Kidproof mothers about their secrets behind raising such well-behaved children. Esther explains that even the most attentive older brothers can become exasperated by demanding young babies. She often tells her eldest stories about his own infancy so he can better grasp the needs of a young baby. “It clearly makes it more bearable to see cars being chewed and drooled on when I explain that you as a baby were the same”.
She also builds nurturing moments into the boys’ routine. “I ask them to say good night to each other each night before they go to bed. We started when the baby was just a few months old and it has been wonderful to see how they’ve gotten used to the habit…the younger one it always thrilled about the attention that he gets from his big brother.”
child on a slide
You could certainly call the team from Kidproof experts in children’s fashion. Like AlexandAlexa they agree that the more exciting styles are now available for boys. “There are definitely more nice brands than a couple of years ago” says Saara “What I really like is that many brands create unisex collections. Also online shopping makes things easy and effortless”.
When we asked Esther what her favourite children’s brands were she finds it hard to choose but names the children’s collections from Stella McCartney and Mini Rodini, she also recently tried some pieces from Zadig & Voltaire. She says that her eldest son is already “clearly interested in his clothes and has favourites. Among others he has named the brand Finger in the nose as his ‘most favourite’. I have not doubts that the choice may have been affected the name”. “ If I let him choose what to wear her would most likely pick a pair of black slim jeans from Finger in the Nose, combined with a fierce tee by Munster Kids and a cap by DC or Vans.”
Visit the Kidproof blog here. All photographs are ©Kidproof.co 2013


Orange Mayonnaise is op zoek naar een enthousiaste stagiaire voor de periode van medio juli tot eind september / oktober 2013, voor 3 à 4 dagen in de week.

Wij bieden een intensieve stageplek, waarbij je mee zal draaien als 2e man / vrouw achter de shop. Zo leer en proef je in de breedte hoe een webshop functioneert.

- Onderhouden backoffice van de webshop
- Fotograferen van de binnengekomen leveringen
- Aanpassen / bewerken van fotografie in Photoshop (& Illustrator)
- Grafische werkzaamheden
- Social media & PR werkzaamheden
- Mee op inkoopafspraken
- Voorraadbeheer
- Verwerken en inpakken van orders
- Klantenservice
- After sales
- enz. 

- HBO niveau
- Beheersing van de Nederlandse en Engelse taal in woord en geschrift
- Goede kennis van Microsoft Word, Excell en Adobe Photoshop
- Nauwkeurig, serieus, leergierig, verantwoordelijk, zelfstandig, communicatief, creatief en klantgericht
- Affiniteit met mode en kinderkleding

Voor informatie kun je contact opnemen met 
Annika, via info@orangemayonnaise.com of 010-2602134.

juni 27, 2013

FilemonKid in the spotlights

Filemon Kid Zweeds label

New label! We hebben een leuk nieuw label gespot: Filemon Kid uit Zweden. Wat een leuke collectie, stijlvol en met veel basics, zoals alleen de Zweden dat kunnen. De collectie bevat veel unisex items. Het is dus leuk voor zowel jongens als meisjes en bevat gedetailleerde grafische dieren prints die wij erg mooi en bijzonder vinden. De collectie is er vanaf 0 jaar en loopt door tot 7 jaar.
Zo is er het konijnprint wat we erg gaaf vinden. Maar ook mooi is de cameleonprint. Onze favouriet is toch wel het Lion pak met rits! Heerlijk voor zowel meisjes als jongens. En alles is gemaakt van 100% ecologisch katoen; fijn! 
De collectie is in Nederland exclusief verkrijgbaar bij Orange Mayonnaise. En nu kun je het shoppen met 30% korting!

Shop Filemon Kid bij Orange Mayonnaise >> en shop met 30% korting


juni 26, 2013

Shops we love

Orange Mayonnaise is selected by Kek Mama for their "SHOP's WE LOVE' section !
And we will be promoted online and in their Magazine for a complete year starting this month !!

Thank you very much KEK MAMA !!

A day at the beach....

1. Yellow swim trunks by Finger in the nose / 2. Throw blanket by Mini & Maximus / 3. White sunglasses by Sons & Daughters / 4. Black shoes by Native / 5. Turquoise sun cap by Mini Rodini / 6. Canvas tote bag by Bobo Choses  / 7. Red striped tank top by Finger in the nose
1. Yellow swim trunks by Finger in the nose / 2. Throw blanket by Mini & Maximus / 3. White sunglasses by Sons & Daughters / 4. Black shoes by Native / 5. Turquoise sun cap by Mini Rodini / 6. Canvas tote bag by Bobo Choses  / 7. Red striped tank top by Finger in the nose
And see , the Orange Mayonnaise SPORTIVE SUMMER selection

juni 25, 2013

DECOR Wishlist

by Peggy of the Paul & Paul Blog, at Rebuçado Acido blog,
with our wonderful MiMa pillowcase !

Wishlist da Peggy

Rebuçado Ácido: wishlist decor
1 The swing print / Cosas Minimas  //  2 Mushroom Pouffe / Anne Claire Petit
3 Sad Joe soft pillow doll / LuckyBoySunday  //  4 Bean Bag / Blabla
Sacre Bleu Pillowcase / Mini & Maximus  //  6 Face Plywood Boxes / Ferm Living
7 Hand Crocheted Butterflies / Oeuf NYC  //  8 Crochet Ball Rug / Leçons de choses
9 Minty Fresh, Cashmere/Wool Blanket / Garbo & Friends
10 Seagull Nursery Mobile / Machookahandmade
Hoje temos a wishlist da Peggy, do blog Paul&Paula. Quando a convidamos para fazer esta lista, ela escolheu objectos de decoração. Como vai mudar de casa em breve, são estes os objectos que mais deseja e que mais lhe fazem falta!
E para celebrar a sua mudança – da Holanda para a Suécia – o blog celebra um mega give-away: podem inscrever-se ainda hoje (data limite), para ganhar prémios no valor total de 1000 Euros 

Chasing the Sun

minor de:tales

Moments | Chasing the Sun

M wears: Jacket by Witchery Kids / Cardigan by Kidscase / Longsleeve by Allsorts / Jeans by Scotch & Shrunk / Shoes by Walnut Melbourne / Beanie by VansD wears: Jacket by Mini Rodini / Pants by Bobo Choses / Shoes by Vivo Barefoot / Cap by Mini & Maximus

Weekend snapshots from a sunny and cold Saturday. Chasing some good moments in the sun. As usual the weekends goes way too fast, and we are so looking forward to some days off at the upcoming school holidays.

Our Sunday didn't exactly go as planned. We were meant to go off and meet some good friends in a park but instead we had to visit the ER after D confessed after a nights throwing up that he had swallowed a marble at his kinder. Not sure what to do in the marble swallowing scenario we took him in to check him out. Once reassured that marbles are easy to pass the natural way and what to look out for in case it had somehow lodge itself in there we felt more easy taking him home again. Life is never dull with this boy!! Hope everybody has had a relaxing weekend and a chance to recharge.

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juni 24, 2013

Pinterest likes by...


Beau-things on pinterest this week

1/ shop by Tomos Olanso 
2/ great toys 
3/ Shirts  - met oa  (zie de collectie hier) Mini Rodini en (klik om de collectie te zien) Maxomorra
4/ Golden Balloons - Contemporist


For the original post, see > http://www.kidsroomzuid.blogspot.nl/2013/06/beau-things-on-pinterest-this-week.html

Check out Orange Mayonnaise at Pinterest !! >> http://pinterest.com/orangemayo/

Blast from the past !

Vote back your favorite Munster....

Ever had a Munster tee that you felt sad your kid grew out of? Well here is your chance to get it back AND win a $300 Munster wardrobe. Tune in at the Munster Kids Facebook page and join !!

Check out the Munster Kids at Orange Mayonnaise selection online -->

juni 23, 2013

Slow down day

minor de:tales

Moments | Thursday Thoughts

D wears: Hoodie by Soft Gallery / Cord pants by Shampoodle / Shoes by Converse / Beanie by Vans.

Thursday is our slow down day. The little guy is off from Kinder and for me it means a day with no school drop off since my husband does that so its generally a nice way to slow down as the week comes to an end. Didn't have too much on the agenda today except for finishing of some work and hanging out with my youngest. I can't believe how big he is getting. Hardly any signs of my baby left, instead there is a curious little soul who has taken over and has filled my days with .....why? why? why mum?

Here are some photos from today when we went to post a letter and have some lunch. The little guy got to try the new Toca Boca Hairsaloon 2 (which is free to download for a limited time in the app store) and he loved it. It is so creative and fun that even I am having a hard time to stay away from colouring hair and cutting mohawks.
For the original post, see > minordetales.blogspot.com.au/moments
Pls. note; The hoodie is sold out