januari 23, 2020


António Variações is one of the greatest icons of Portuguese Pop Music. 
Working as a barber in Lisbon, having lived in London and Amsterdam, his visual eccentricity and individuality stood out in a dull grey 1970’s Lisbon. 
His music, as his extravagant and avant-garde persona and looks were radical and challenging at the time but would leave a lasting impact on both the music and cultural scene. 
Despite his life and career being too short (1944-1984) his songs have inspired and and go on inspiring several generations of Portuguese artists. 

The WOLF & RITA  Spring Summer 20 collection is a homage to this innovative and maverick artists, whole life and art are an example to us all. 

Photography @lobo.edit.studio Styling @debsfez

Encore for Variações. 

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