september 26, 2018


Written by Les Enfants a Paris
As much as I love the swimming pools, cold popsicles, and the lazy days summer, every year when autumn creeps in, I can feel a rejuvenation of my spirit and an excitement welling from inside of me. I love autumn!
I have been lucky enough to spend the majority of my life in a county which could literally define the change of seasons, but Autumn — my friends — is her crowning glory. Because of that, it has become my favorite season of them all.
As a little girl, I learned what the word ‘autumn’ meant. It was the picture of a leaf falling from a tree in the books my mother used read to me as a toddler. Then, in my elementary classrooms, I learned that autumn had to do with the Earth’s rotation around the sun. However, the technical definition of what fall is, and why it happens, does not compare to the spirit of the autumn season. The feeling that I get when it arrives, the wonderment of it all, and the energy within me that fall brings to life. These feelings are entrenched by the warm memories from younger years. This is what I celebrate today.
When I think about autumn, it is so hard to narrow down to a small list of fall favourites. There is simply so much about this season to celebrate. From the weather that brings ankle boots and sweaters out of hiding, to the colourful painted landscapes, to the loud cheers and screams of a crowd of people at the local football game, to the sweet smells of baked goods.
Lianne wears a jumper by Bobo Choses via Orange Mayonnaise
a skirt and tights by Maed for Mini, and Shoes by Dr. Martins.
Lianne wears a jumper by Bobo Choses via Orange Mayonnaise, a skirt and tights by Maed for Mini, and Shoes by Dr. Martins.
Photo’s taken by Amber. Follow her on Instagram _ambermg_
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