november 15, 2012

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Brand name :  Mini & Maximus - Website :
Date of creation :  2008
Country of origin :  USA - Country of production :  USA
Name of the founders :  Megan Villa and Sophie St-Onge
Number of employees :  4
Number of sales points :  About 75, including Yoya (NY), Boucle d’Or (Brussels), Chalkboard (Shanghai), Kitson (L.A.), Bodie and Fou (online), Der Kleine Salon (Austria) and Orange Mayonnaise (the Netherlands -Online !)
Own store :  no - Own e-store  :  yes, created in 2008
Company statement or tag line :  Kids will have their say!
What makes the brand stand out :  We do art collabs every season with kids, artists…
How many pieces per collection :  Our Spg/Sum 13 has a lot of new styles so we are up to 92 pieces in that collection
Main materials used :  Organic cotton, regular cotton, French terry, linen
Trade show planning for next season:  Playtime Paris, NYC for sure possibly Playtime Tokyo
Plans for the future :  We are expanding overseas, we have a hug edemand in Europe and Australia so we plan to capitalize on that over the next year
Photos Nathan Vernes.  Holiday “Booyah!” collection.  Released end of Oct 2012 / Europe > Nov 2012

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