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We are thrilled to announce You second guestblogger of our Magazine – Magdalena Kacała, a mom of a five years old little girl, living in Poland. We met via Instagram (what a crazy medium that is. It makes the world so much smaller). She will on a monthly base write about fashion, interior and/or lifestyle. She has an amazing taste, she is such an interesting girl and ..Yeah!..she also got her own Instagram account called whitewoodenhouse, blog website:http://whitewoodenhouse.wordpress.com Check that out. And give that girl a warm welcome. And if you wanna follow, you can find her on Instagram !!.She will introduce herself and than..There it is her first blog on Blender. And what a good one that is!
Hi, Let me tell You something about me.
My name is Magdalena Kacała, 35 and mom of a 5 years old daughter Aleksandra. We live in Poland. From about a year I am a kids fashion blogger. I am loving, energetic, passionate. With an eye for design and fashion for children. With the need for fixation fleeting moments. With the need to share the beauty. Everything in terms of highly subjective. This is me.
The first idea what to do as a welcome post for Blender Magazine was an interview with somebody special. With amazing fashion designer, which I met this year in Paris, during Playtime Fashion show – Caroline Bosmans. Here You are. My conversation with Her

Hello Caroline, it is an honor for me to speak with You. My daughter’s wardrobe is half-full of Your collections. Do You know why? Because You tell us Your own stories through every single collection in spite the fact that everything in fashion has already been invented. How did You spend this day?
At work, like everyday. We are working even on Sundays :). At this point we are shipping our AW15 orders and just had the AW15 launch.

As a child You wanted to be like Madonna, what happened then?
Instead of being Madonna, I went to university. While working as a psychotherapist, I decided to start an education at the Fashion Department. Fashion, kids fashion in particular, has been a passion for years.

Why did You decide to study design and how did You manage to balance this with motherhood?
My office is in a building connecting to my home. So I am always available for my kids. Love it turned out this way. My kids are my muses!

How much time do You spend with Your children? Is, at some point, the world of children relevant to Your design process?
See answer 3

The first success, that told You “You’re on the right track, keep it up!”?
I am doing my own thing, chasing my own dreams. I am glad that the first collection was a hit! But if it turned out the other way, I would still doing my own thing!

In your works I clearly see inspirations from art. Do You have a favorite artist? Art, what does that mean to You?
I have no favorite artist. My inspirations are things that accidentially cross my way. That can be art, but also totally different things.

What, in particular, do You like in Your design process?
The part of designing. Digging into a theme, making prints, fabricsourcing,…

Which of Your collections brought You the most satisfaction?
Maybe the first one. Not because of the huge succes. But because it was the start of a wonderful, interesting new life.

In the fashion world is or was there a designer, about whom You could say that it is an authority for You?
I think we have some great Belgian designers! I love them all.

Why are You using a minimized palette of colors in Your work? Are You going to adhere to this trend for good?
Because I want every detail to be right. For me it is important that every piece matches an other one from the collection. I love to keep it minimalistic in a way. Every fabric and yarn is died in specific colors.

In one of the few interviews I read that: “You’re not a fan of birds and the bees, children’s drawings and standard colors of children’s clothes.” What is Your AW 2015/2016 “All about birds” collection then? What has inspired You this time?
The collection is based on the movie The Birds from Alfred Hitchcock.

Your previous collections were inspired by literature (ed. Franz Kafka), movies (ed. Donnie Darko and S. Darko). Where did You find the inspiration while working on the SS 2016 collection? What did You show during the summer edition of Playtime fashion show in Paris?
Save animals – Eat people. No literature or movies this time.

What do You have in mind when you think: “My brand”? What is Your vision for its development?
Love doing my own thing. Keeping up the good work! Forget the rules. If you like it, wear it! Forget the rules, We made it, wear it. Thank You for the conversation.
(interview by Magdalena Kacała)
To inspire, just look below how we wear Bosmans fashion
She wears: Caroline Bosmans AW14 Brush black scarf, Mini Rodini hat, Talc coat, Caroline Bosmans AW14 scrub light cyan legwarmers
She wears: Caroline Bosmans AW14/15 Yunnan Pom, Motoreta AW 14/15 Balloon dress
She wears: Caroline Bosmans AW14 Brush black scarf, Waddler Bowler hat
She wears: Caroline Bosmans SS15 Amnesia scarf, Bobo Choses vest, Caroline Bosmans SS15 Wonder Print jumper
She wears: Caroline Bosmans SS 15 ½ Pom Cap, Caroline Bosmans SS15 Trax jumper, Pepe Jeans trousers, Hunter wellingtons
She wears: Caroline Bosmans SS 15 ½ Pom Cap, Caroline Bosmans SS15 Hysteria long skirt, Caroline Bosmans SS15 Ecstacy shirt
She wears: Caroline Bosmans SS 15 ½ Pom Cap, Caroline Bosmans SS15 Hysteria long skirt, Caroline Bosmans SS15 Ecstacy shirt, Salt Water sandals
She wears: Caroline Bosmans AW14 Yunnan Pom, Motoreta Balloon dress, Bobo Choses scarf

Look what we choosed from the AW15/16 collection:
AW15 Caroline Bosmans Here
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