september 27, 2015


Beau Loves

Written by Les Enfants a Paris

A stunning collection of rompers, dresses, sweatshirts, tees, Davenport pants, hats and bedding featuring unique prints such as love hearts, mini masks, XO, teeth and gold polka dots – the Beau LOves AW15 collection has been worth the wait! Inspired by the night, inky black hues, dove greys and dusty pinks feature heavily in this collection through a mix of relaxed easy to wear shapes, perfect for mixing and matching whether Boy or Girl. 
My Beau Boy is getting older so the theme’s of each collection grows with him, which I Love. He’s still as fearless as ever.. But not so brave when it comes too the Dark. Even though he would never admit this. It’s the torch under his pillow and the gold spots of light I see on his ceiling each night that tells meotherwise. Our aim is always the same to be Unique, Stand out from the Masses and March to the beat of our own Drum as all children are different and as designers we should celebrate this. – Founder, Faye Wilde. 
Items from the Beau LOves AW15 collection can be purchased directly from Orange Mayonnaise
Do you like the new collection as much as we do?
Beau Loves Aw15
The Dark AW15
beau loves winter 2015
Beau Loves AW15
beau loves the dark
All photo’s taken by Flannery O’Kafka.
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