augustus 20, 2018


Written by Les Enfants a Paris
As August flies by, it’s easy to feel a sense of melancholy. School will be starting before we know it. 
We start scheduling meetings in September, those calendar days looming closer and closer, and you realise that summer is almost gone.
I am looking forward to it in a way, but I’m also a bit sad that summer holidays are coming to a close.  
But it’s still possible to relish these last days, squeezing more joy out of the minutes.
Lianne is definitely enjoying those last days before she goes back to school. 
summer is almost gone
Lianne wears a turtleneck top by Mingo available at Orange Mayonnaise. Her skirt is by Mini Rodini. Socks by Mingo and shoes by Dr. Martins.
Summer is almost gone
Photo’s taken by Amber. Follow her on Instagram _ambermg_
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