juli 25, 2013

TimeCapsules (EN)

We’ve all been given them, those standard gifts you get at certain moments in life. Babies get fluffy toys in gender appropriate colors, newly weds get kitchen appliances and when you move house or change jobs you get an extra 50 kilo’s of ugly house plants to take with you. The Time Capsule is not pink, blue or fluffy, it won’t make ice cream or die slowly in your living room but it lets friends, family and colleagues capture a snapshot of all memorable moments.

We live life at break-neck speeds. Time flies and sometimes it’s hard to remember the details of all the fun we’ve had along the way. As far as we’re aware time travel is still a way off. So until we can travel back in time to relive the happiest moments, we’ve created TimeCapsules. The TimeCapsule is the perfect way to capture and hold onto those big moments in life; the birth of a baby, a wedding, a farewell or a graduation. Whatever the moment is, with a TimeCapsule you can keep the memories of these milestone moments alive and fresh for years to come.
We would love to be able to claim this genius idea as totally ours... but that would be a lie. The truth is that the inspiration came from a very famous creative genius, none other than the fabulously quirky Andy Warhol. In the early 70’s Warhol continually had a brown cardboard moving box next to his desk where he’d collect bits of his daily life such as receipts, sketches, newspapers, phone messages and tissues with Marilyn Monroe’s lipstick mark. When the boxes were full he would write the date on the box and seal it. At the time of his death there were no less than 612 ‘Time Capsules’. This huge collection that has been showcased around the world gives an intimate look into the life and the era of this artistic and eccentric legend, and we think it’s a pretty good idea.

TimeCapsules is a collaboration between founder Anouk van der El, the award winning product designers of OfficeOriginair, creative collective Venour and graphic designersMae Engelgeer & Marloes Sijm. TimeCapsules are ready for use and come with a smashing looking journal in which all your favourite memories and photos can be collected with our magic washi tape and decorated with a set of complementary stickers. We also included some funky tags that you can hang onto personal items you want to include. Finally, you find a super strength sealing-strip to close the TimeCapsule with and keep all your goodies safe from curious wanderers for years to come! *
The TimeCapsules’ retail price is € 34,95. They are now also available for orders on www.orangemayonnaise.com/en. Please find tips and inspiration to put in the time capsules, in the pictures below.......What are your memories for the future?
* Warning! The TimeCapsule will self destruct Inspector Gadget style if opened early...

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