mei 19, 2015



1 1/2 weeks ago we went for the “big” ultrasound. The baby is doing marvelous and we also found out the gender. Even so I really like surprises I also really like to know the gender of my baby… it just feels a little more real to me when I know if a little girl or boy is kicking inside me…

And we are expecting another girl! Makes three and can tell you that the boy was really bumped when we told him… he so wanted a brother. Some things you cannot choose and I am sure he will get over it but it also broke my heart a little to see him this sad about it. If you have a good tip on how to make him excited to have a third {!!!} sister, please share…
After the news I browsed around my favourite shops to see what they have for tiny baby girls. You know, there is so much for babies it is really hard to choose but as we gave away so many things {nearly everything actually} because we did not think to welcome another baby in our family, I am a little happy about the choice we have today… because when my first one was born {nearly 8 years ago this summer} it was truly different:
baby girl
1. Safe mushroom bath toy by Oli & Carol // 2. Leather slippers by Donsje
3. Soft purple baby pants by Gro // 4. Pink mustard baby blouse by Miller // 5. cloud beanie by Wilson + Frenchy // 6. Sleeping bag with black dots by April Showers
7. My little pear bib by Wilson + Frenchy  // 8. Angel wings by Angel Wings // 9. Hand knitted adorable cactus
10. XO muslin swaddle by Modern Burlap // 11. Soft knitted blanket by Wilson + Frenchy  // 12. Baby Milestone cards now in a special MIFFY edition
baby girl

1. Harlequin pants by Soft Gallery
2. Striped cashmere suit by BonnieBaby // 3. Swaddle blanket by Bonton // 4. Cutest vintage socks by Etiquette
 // 5. baby card
6. Another cactus {I love them}
7. Maileg bunny Helen // 8. bunny bib by Bonton
9. MILK music box by Annabel Kern // 10. Linen tunic by 1+ in the family // 11. Softest grey baby pants by Babe & Tess  // 12. cat booties by Oeuf NYC


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