mei 20, 2015




The disguise first degree is no longer valid - to be in on it, you must mix the inspirations, the suit invent a story that does not exist ... yet! Moreover, this season, Mardi Gras celebrates Princess Mouche and Sir Panache. You do not know? Follow them in an enchanted country or smearing is only permitted in a range of colors tart. It accumulates the frou-frou and gaudy feathers ... Ready for the party!
by Clara Dayet


Magic RoundaboutMagic RoundaboutSet of 16 paper towels Harlequin, 2.25€
Flying horseGrand balloonflying horsecarousel horse to inflate 85 x 65 cm, Chocolate Show, 3.50€
Lady MouseLady Mousevaporous cloud color dress Setulette 100% polyamide, Sergent Major, 19€
Queen of HeartsQueen Hearthearts printed cotton dress gathered at the waist, J.Crew, €79.50
Green EarthEarth GreenPlain Shirt Paul-Pat 100% linen made ​​in France, pearly buttons, Hartford 81€
Magical unicornMagical unicornSet of two pink strips with iridescent unicorn head, Sergent Major, 4.99€
Blueberry PrincessPrincess Cornflowerfilmy tulle dress with cotton voile lining and belt, Il Gufo, 187€
Gray zebraZebra grayPVC mask with elastic back (from 3 years), Chocolate Show, 4€
Falcon multicolorFalcon multicoloredample Legging "Henrique" 100% cotton fleece printed feathers and Rita Wolf, £25
CheerleaderCheerleaderTwo Pack pompoms cheerleader colorful girl children from 3 years old, 4.99 €
Pink SwanPink SwanDress Spaghetti Straps crape veil with pearl buttons in the back, Lili Wafer, 80 €
Roses tablesRoses Setof 6 colorful decorative rosettes paper in three sizes, striped, spotted or spiral, 16€
Little MermaidMermaiddress embroidered with beads round, Derhy Kids, 97€
PomponetteWide rangePomponettefeather of about 28cm in height, €8
Lady PeacockLady Peacocktulle party dresses and embroidered sequins, accompanied by an elastic headband fuchsia tulle, Billieblush, 69€
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Glitter QueenQueen GlitterSet 8 sequined crown easy to assemble and made ​​in France, 8.90€

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