oktober 09, 2016


Written by Les Enfants a Paris
How do you like to spend your Sunday afternoons? Do you potter around your home and do a quick tidy up, meandering from room to room? Or perhaps find a quiet spot to relax in, indulging in some ‘me time’? Or is it family time? 
Personally it’s the latter for me, and I love spending time with family, especially playing board or card games.
When I was about eight, so the family story goes, I was shuffling a pack of cards when an onlooker made the horrified remark: “She looks as if she was born under a card table.” I believe I was born in a hospital, no green baize in sight, but we did always play cards.
Both my parents were brought up in card-playing households so it is hardly surprising that I was too, and that I now play with my children. I think much like the old saying about families who eat together, playing games together is also good for the family soul, or so I maintain because I enjoy it!
There is something cosy about settling down around the kitchen or coffee table to do something all together (and something that does not require cries of “eat your greens”). Card games lend themselves well to multi-generational activity.
Probably our favourite family game is ‘happy families’.
The adaptability of card games can have a downside too, though: there are almost as many sets of rules as there are families that play. We have even have arguments between generations, it isn’t just the children who get worked up about it either: 70-somethings can be equally combative if their particular favourite rule is threatened.
The answer of course is always to agree on the rules before you start, and preferably have a card games bible – annotated with family adaptations if necessary, as your final arbiter.
Willemijn, Gijs en Frederique had a blast playing ‘happy families’ this afternoon and they hope you had a lovely Sunday as well.

Willemijn s wearing a blouse by April Showers by Polder via Orange Mayonnaise and a button accessory by Comme Bonjour. Frederique is wearing a shirt by Soft Gallery via Orange Mayonnaise and a button accessory by Comme Bonjour. Gijs is wearing a T-shirt by Bobo Choses via Orange Mayonnaise and button accessory by Comme Bonjour.
All photo’s taken by Evelyne Photography for Comme Bonjour.
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