mei 22, 2013

Atsuyo et Akiko according to Papier Mache



Based in Brooklyn, NY since 2007 the label Atsuyo et Akiko – by Atsuyo Yang & Akiko Mukae offers a selection of children’s clothing, home decor, bags, accessories and jewellery for everyday use. ATSUYO ET AKIKO also collaborates with artists and designers from different art forms, most recently Jess Brown, Tamar Mogendorff,  Coral & Husk and The Walt Disney Company, bringing unique vision to a worldwide audience. Yang & Mukae bring you a fresh approach to fashion & accessories design. The two share an affinity for screen printed images that bring illustration to ordinary everyday items that tell a story. With Yang’s fashion background and Mukae’s fine arts, together they are combining the best of their experience and talent to bring their world of imagination and story telling to life through art expressed in clothing and accessories.

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