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Brand Watch | AO American Outfitters

I have a crush on vintage style clothing. Raw hems, faded colours, and beautiful details. There is two of those sort of labels that always gets me very excitied when it comes to their designs and colour choices. Scotch Soda and American Outfitters. Lately I have been very impressed with American Outfitters. They seem to hit a home run with every collection, and I love their boys and girls styles equally! Here is a little background story on the Belgian label, that seem to have tapped into some serious raw coolness:

the story of american outfitters is a tale of three personalities and one soul.
three sisters – six hands - one passion -  stylish and fashionable clothing for women and kids.
sobriety is the key, less is more!

nathalie vandemoortele, the first in line, stands in for the daily matters as general manager.
caroline, the youngest one, is responsible for the never-ending enthusiasm of the sales team and between them there is patricia who, as the creative brain, is the source of the AO collections. together they form american outfitters, a belgian topbrand that just because of its sense of simplicity and a great eye for details has gained worldwide success.

bold but subtle combinations of color and texture, original prints and a unique style of natural fabrics and materials are typical for AO collections and that is what makes american outfitters fashion for the whole wide world!

Orange Mayonnaise has a large selection of American Outfitters, which I love. There is also a big sale section on some of the previous styles so if you have missed something from the last collection here is your chance to get it at a great price! If you haven't heard of AO, american outfitters, do yourself a favor and check it out, but I am warning you... its slightly addictive so don't say I didn't warn you...

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