mei 20, 2013

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Moments | MoMA visit

D wears: Moto longsleeve by Finger In the The Nose / Jeans by I Dig Denim / Shoes by Converse / Cap beanie by Diesel + borrowed Dad's Mass Effect beanie.

A fun trip to the Museum of Modern Art from the other weekend. We have never visited this place before and we were so pleasantly surprised with the wonderful garden, sculptures and not to mention the museum itself. This time around we just visited the outside grounds and the cafe, but we are planning to back really soon to visit the great exhibit that is now on by Fiona Hall.

The big grounds are covered with fun sculptures that the kids are allowed to explore close up, and it has the most beautiful little corners with the best climbing trees, and at the moment all the kids seem to love building big piles of leaves and jumping in them and since it is full on Autumn here, there is plenty to go around! We were also fortunate to see a praying mantis up close which was such a treat because they truly are amazing looking insects.

The kids also enjoyed the arts and craft corner where they could create their own art and bring home with them. Next time we will bring a picnic basket and enjoy a whole day there with the grandparents!

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