mei 12, 2013

American Outfitters SPRAY CAN hoodie featured in....

minor de:tales

Moments | Wild One

D wears: Hoodie by American Outfitters / Tee by Shampoodle / Chicago denims by I Dig Denim / Cap byBillabong / Shoes by Native shoes.

More gorgeous Autumn weather and a chance to take off the warm layers and get some climbing in, in the afternoon sun. I think I got a bit of a tree climbing monkey on my hands. There are some great trees for climbing quite close to us and when ever he can, D wants to go there and climb. There are seemingly no fear of heights in this one because he insists on going higher every time. I was just the same when I was little but I am getting back some of my own parents predicaments since I have to admit it makes me nervous to see him high up. We played tree pirates with stick swords, and our ship/tree was the best one of them all.

I hope you are enjoying a great Mother's Day out there (if you are a mum) and don't forget to spoil your own mums ( if you are fortunate enough to have them with you in life ) while you are at it! Love you Mum xx.

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