mei 26, 2013

Orange Mayonnaise outfit at the Blog of 10 Is shoes !


Carnet de Style: Minor De:tales pour 10 IS
A third edition “made in Australia” since it’s Annica from the blog Minor De:tales who gives us her selection, made for 10 IS.
“Over here on the other side of the world, more precisely Australia, we are heading towards colder days and Winter. 
Since our winter doesn’t get as chilly as in Europe this is the sort of outfit my boy would wear a lot. Cozy Hoodies, colourful pants & beanie on the head!
And of course some all around sneakers to match with every outfit. These chino washed versions will go with pretty much everything we have!”
Minor De:tales
From Melbourne, Annica shares inspirations from the small universe on her blog Minor De:tales. True “Jack of all trades”, she also publishes amazing pics of moments spent with her two kids. With her own style, she offers many outfit ideas, always right. Another blog to add to your favorites…
Many thanks Annica…
For the original post, see the 10 IS blog

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