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Orange Mayonnaise - Sponsor Highlight at Minor De:Tales blog !

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Orange Mayonnaise | Sponsor Highlight

I am all giddy to present this new sponsor on the blog. Say a big welcome to Orange Mayonnaise! This Dutch based online boutique for babies, kids and teens, has a unique combination of design and urbanwear brands, from all over the world. Luxurious, comfortable basics combined with colourful or detailed items and all their goods are on stock.

Here you can find labels like, Kidscase, Mini Rodini, Munster Kids, American Outfitters, April Showers, Emile et Ida, Mini & Maximus, Finger in the Nose to just mention a few. I love how easy the webshop is to navigate around, and the nice graphic look makes me want to window shop just a bit longer every time I visit. If you are running out of inspiration you can also visit their excellent Shop The Look section which are packed with great outfits for the kiddos.

Q&A with owner Annika @ Orange Mayonnaise:

Can you tell us a little about how Orange Mayonnaise started? What is your inspiration, and how did you come up with the name?
Orange Mayonnaise is started in 2012, after working for 12 years in the fashion industry; designing as a freelancer for women and men. It was time for a new challenge. The first idea was to start my own label. But eventually the idea was born, to start an online shop. This shop brings together 2 of my biggest passions in life; (my) kids and fashion.

My inspiration is....  my kids and every day life.

The name had to be funny, international and Dutch at the same time, and eventually it became a combination of the dutch national color and a sauce where Dutch are known for. (Quote by Vincent (Samuel L.Jackson) in the classic movie Pulp Fiction; "You know what they put on French fries in Holland instead of Ketchup ? ......"

I love shops with their own sense of identity, based on your selection how would you describe Orange Mayonnaise's?

Orange Mayonnaise is a shop for mums and their kids. Here you can find fun clothes, in beautiful bright colors and with bold designs, next to comfortable and luxurious basic garments in ridge, solid fabrics. Combining these 2 styles will give you an unique look.  Orange Mayonnaise believes that everyone has the talent to create their most beautiful outfits themselves. And to make it a bit easier, we created a SHOP THE LOOK section, a 'My favorites', drag and drop system and also (as of today) a SHOP THE LOOK CREATOR...... have fun !
What are your own current favorites from the shop?
My own current favorite from the shop is, the Soft Gallery - Serpentine Jumpsuit (almost sold out!), and the April Showers by Polder - Luck Jacket is a good second.
So fancy animal designs it is...!

Shop the collage here:
1. Playshapes by Miller Goodman / 2. Pouch & Doll by My Name is Simone / 3. Donnie dress by Supertrash Girls / 4. Spray can tee by Mini Munster / 5.  Neil Baby jacket by Kidscase / 6. Sport socks by Mini Rodini / 7. Candy tee by AO / 8. Girl jeans by Patrizia Pepe Junior/ 9. Joe playsuit cardigan by Kidscase / 10.Shark whisperer tee by Mini & Maximus / 11. Cap by Mini & Maximus / 12. Schoolbag by Miniséri  / 13.Sneakers by Mini Rodini 14. Fringe shorts by Mini & Maximus / 15. Tiger sunglasses by Mini Rodini / 16.Crumble map by Crumpled City/ 17. Denim star garland by Maison Indigo / 18. Ice cream tattoos by Tattly

Orange Mayonnaise ships worldwide 


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