januari 17, 2014

BOBO Sneak

Fashionkins // Bobo Choses S/S 14 collection

a vintage wardrobe collection // Spring Summer 2014
The vintage wardrobe is no longer a wardrobe. It’s a time-machine. We open its doors and begin a journey back to those hot summers,bringing old sunny holidays souveniers with our friends around the swiming-pool. A reunion of all we were, believed in and loved through our favourite garments.
Bobo Choses presents MANIFESTO, its new SS14 collection.
An eclectic collection that makes you live the spirit of the 70’s and 80’s through handmade prints, warm worned-out colours, glitter and lurex. Jersey, silk, fleece, voile, denim and nylon are part of the wide variety of fabrics in SS14, a collection defending clothes as a symbol
of personal identity.
Dress up and get ready for the trip!







Manifesto, A Vintage Wardrobe Collection Bobo Choses — Spring Summer 2014 Collection
1. If we ask a lot, it’s because we want to know everything.
2.  If summer is the best, it’s because days are longer, bikes are faster and dads invisible.
3. If we like letters, it’s because we write are names with them…everywhere!!!
4. If we look at the stars during night time, it’s because they make us dream.
5. If we shout it’s because we want them to listen.
6.  If we want to be astronauts, it’s because we want to be clowns and explorers and doctors and cowboys and princesses…
7.  If we like drawing, it’s because we like whistling. and the other way around.
8. If rainbow appears after rain, It’s time to jump a lot in the puddles.
9.  If we could make a wish, we would ask for bigger cakes and smaller broccoli.
10. If we invent words, it’s because we are wonderbulous!!!
by Felipe Cano

This has to be the BEST Bobo Choses collection to date! I think Penelope needs the entire collection for her wardrobe. What are your favorite pieces?
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Spring-Summer 2014 collection arriving soon !

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