januari 25, 2014

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M wears: Dress by Poppy Rose / Vest by Opiliai / Sandals by Pom D'Api / Hat by PavementD wears:Sweatshirt by Soft Gallery / Jeans by I Dig Denim / Tee by Munster Kids / Shoes by Natives.

Some moments from an afternoon in the park. The kids made their own restaurant and invited us to come and eat their pumpkin soup. Of course with two chefs there was a bit of different opinions which herbs should go in ( and D insisted a few sausages should also go in). The sun started to warm up in the end and it was nice to sit under the big shady tree at the playground and watch the kids trying to climb it, and making up new games to play. The tree turned into a pirate hang out and before we knew it, all adults were captured and would be let loose until we tasted the pumpkin soup... luckily the kids settled for going for milkshakes at a nearby cafe instead of us trying their concoction :) Lucky for us!

We are having a long weekend over here in Australia and next week school starts again after a long summer holiday. I still feel like...where did that time go!? But I guess some routines are always good after a long break. Let's see how I feel about it next week. Have a lovely weekend out there!


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