januari 27, 2014


minor de:tales

Moments | Escape to Nature

M wears: Cap by Mini & Maximus / Sweatshirt by Missie Munster / pants by Popupshop / shoes by Hummel Kids. D wears: Tee by Munster Kids / Pants by Munster Kids / Shoes by Converse / Cap by Zoo York.

When the temperatures are rising we normally try and escape to cooler areas. Up in the Ranges, the mountains offer cool under the shade of the big ferns and it is so lovely to follow the little hiking paths they have there. We always try and make sure there is no fire warnings in the area, and at this day there was none.

This time around we ventured a bit further and discovered more amazing nature and hidden paths and creeks. Kids love it here and its on days like this where you wish you would live here, although not sure we could handle the distance to where work is. The fire scares are also a bit too much during the summers but it sure is nice to escape here every now and then..


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