januari 19, 2014

Mix & Match


Mix and Match
   Hoodie -  T-shirt (Go to our Facebook Page if you want to win this Tee) - Jeans - Shoes - Beanie
“Get dressed, hurry up little one! We have to go to school!” Something I often say around 8h15 in the morning when we’re running late. He is been wearing his hoodie from black Popupshop for days now and I thought I would MIX AND MATCH it to try to inspire you … The picture above is how Alexander walked around last Thursday. (Sorry little brother, Alexander is still wearing your beanie!)
Chilling in Style
Hoodie - T-shirt - Jeans - Slippers
Have you already noticed these Nununu slippers by Collegién in the (web)shops?! They’re as soft as a sock and as comfortable as a slipper. We’re all Collegién fans in this household.
Time for school
Hoodie - Leggings - Backpack - Shoes
Time for school! Steal the show in these baggy Polar Bear leggings! How awesome!??
Popupshop hoodie
Hoodie - Tuxedo Shirt - Jeans - Shoes - Bow Tie
Combine the Hoodie with a Tuxedo Shirt and Bow Tie for that casual  chic look.
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