januari 26, 2014

Munster on wheels...

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M wears: Tee by Missie Munster / Shorts by Mini & Maximus / Shoes by New BalanceD wears: Tee byMunster / Pants by Rittenhouse / Shoes by Feiyue.

Sun, wheels and fun. A day at the skate park was the perfect choice of recreation today. M brought her new scooter she got for Christmas and D gave the skateboard a try for the first time. On with some knee pads and helmets and off they went. I was very impressed with how D seem to get the whole balance thing on the board straight away. We found a good hill with some short synthetic grass  to start on, and it was good since it wasn't as fast as the concrete but fast enough to get him some idea of how to stand when going downhill.

By the time we ended the session he mastered the concrete hills as well all by himself. M gave it a try as well and I can tell we need to invest in a second board now. Mum here was happy since I got a good excuse to do some skating myself. Shaky at first since it was a couple of years since I stood on the old board, but things comes quickly back, a bit like biking I guess. After a few hours in the skate park we were all tired and hungry so we all decided to go for lunch at one of our favorite lunch places that is fortunately close to the park. We all munched on some lovely pasta, and when the kids were finished they played on the attached playground and low and behold I got to drink a coffee without any interruptions... pretty much a perfect day in my book!

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